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SEO for USA small Business

Some people think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all meta tags and content on website. That idea is wrong. SEO is a huge part of the success of your business. Every web owner like to take more traffic for his website. That mean website can bring more sale to his business.  Correct SEO can bring more traffic to website. Finally sales will be increase.

Our modern world people don’t like to go shopping.  Instead shopping, people “Google” every thing. What is “Google” ? That mean, search for information by using the search engine Google. Google is not only one search engine.  Major search engines are GoogleBing and Yahoo .

what happen when people search about goods or information. Top 10 websites come into screen. So these 10 site owners are lucky.


why some websites not come into top 10.?


Correct SEO can bring your site into top 10.

Do you want a SEO help

I am a freelancer who can do SEO best. You can hire me on upwork USA. As a talented freelancer on upwork I hope to work hard and take your website into top 10. But you need to learn and understand what can we do for SEO and what we cant do. Here are some hints to think before stat a SEO project.

  • SEO is a group work. Content writer, Graphic Artist and all other web site operators need to do works as group.
  • SEO has no instant result. So you need to be patient.
  • One page will not comes to top 10 by deference search words. Look followed example…
    • When you search “handmade clothes”   – may be 2nd.
    • When you search “clothes madehandmade” – may be 13th.
  • SEO has no benefit if not understand keywords by doing keywords research.
  • While doing SEO works, you need to monitor and analytic the site by  Google analytic.