We already know SLT ( Sri Lanka Telecom) is the main government company for the Internet. SLT has many personal Internet plans. They are,

    • SLT Fibre
    • SLT ADSL
    • 4G/LTE

These all plans are named as personal Broadband Internet plans. If you have one of these Broadband Internet plans, You can use it not only at your home. You can use your plane without a router inside the car, School, Office or anywhere now. This method is “SLT GO”

How to use the internet on away from home or router?

  1. Log your SLT portal by Computer. https://internetvas.slt.lk/dashboard Some people Don’t know what this is. It is bad. People need to know about their internet connection account and want to learn to manage it. If you are new or  late, Please try to create an account from here →https://internetvas.slt.lk/registration  or call 1212    slt go login
  2. SLT portal has User name and Password. This image helps you to understand. Please log https://internetvas.slt.lk/login  by using your User and password. User and password must write on a paper for “SLT go”
  3. While you are away from home or router, turn on your laptop and check wifi settings. Scan and detect “SLTGO” wifi. It is a slt wifi hotspot.
  4. Click on “sltgo”. Yellow color windows will popup. Enter your portal user  and password. Now you have the Internet. Your Home broadband data will be remaining. Be HAPPY !

How “sltgo” works?

Sltgo project is new for sri lanka. “Sltgo” wifi connection is a community Wi-Fi hotspot. That means your home broadband router makes two connections now. (only SLT new routers) One for your home one to be used by you . It’s like  “SLT-LTE-WIFI-2343 , Prolink2342, “ and may be your custom name. 

Other one is “sltgo” and it is for public sltgo consumers.  So if your area has 10 SLT routers,  communities it has 10 wifi hostpots now. The number of people who can use your home hotspot at a time is limited and subject to a maximum speed (2Mbs) limitation giving priority to your private network, so your broadband experience will remain almost the same as before even after subscribing to this solution. Read more → https://www.slt.lk/go

How to connect Mobile phone with “sltgo”?

1st method is the same as above as your laptop was connected. 2nd method is using the “sltgo app”. Download sltgo app from google play or apple store. Then install and setup. This also need SLT portal user name and password too.
Google play → Android App



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